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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

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Monday, May 17, 2010

TEC 2010 -- Results

TEC 2010 was a blast. In the Kickoff Gil Kirkpatrick issued several challenges including one to Brad Turner to simulate the workings of the FIM Sync Engine. Eventually we expect to see a video of the final presentation posted to YouTube. In the interim Brad has some nice pictures posted: TEC 2010 – Annual Wook Lee Memorial Challenge for Identity Results


I attended Craig Martin’s session “Automate FIM deployment with Powershell” and learned a few things about the FIM Powershell commandlets.

Next I split my time between Joe Zamora’s session on Custom Workflow in FIM 2010 and Gil and Jeremy’s session on Reporting in FIM 2010. (I had swapped my session time on Monday with Joe’s Wednesday time as I was worried that the Icelandic Volcanic Ash cloud was going to keep me from getting there on Monday – but it didn’t). I enjoyed both. I am afraid my late arrival in Gil and Jeremy’s session caused a bit of a stir as they were discussing some of their SQLXML tricks and Jeremy told everyone that wanted to know more about it to ask me (as I am looking at their stuff for the first time).  I think Gil and Jeremy had a great presentation with a fascinating proof of concept. I heartily endorse their statements regarding this not being a production ready setup but I love what they showed.

Other concerns caused me to miss the rest of the afternoon. The Quest Hospitality Suite was nice.

Tuesday morning I put the finishing touches on my presentations and then attended Jack Kabat’s session on Deploying FIM, he provided some good advice on how to handle the initial load scenario.

After lunch I presented on Care and Feeding of Databases. I had quite a wide range of attendees. Some were interested in the SharePoint databases others in OCS and of course the majority for FIM Service and Sync. There were also a few who needed to know about FIM CM. I did also show a few photos from my recent trip to Prague including my evidence of elven habitation (they had their own check in kiosk at the Prague Airport).

IMAG0113 IMAG0083

That night we (Ensynch) had a great party at the ESPN Zone watching the Lakers eliminate the Oklahoma City Thunder. We rented out the Championship Lounge which is above the rest of the facility and feels like a skybox, including big windows out which you can see the big screen at the Bar. We were 100 yards away from the Staples center so after the game we had to fend off some game attendees intent on crashing our party.

Wednesday morning I presented on FIM Performance tuning and talked about the performance improvements that are possible. Then Brad spoke about using ROPU (Run On Policy Update, which we pronounce Rope You, because it ropes you into doing more things) and its power.

If you want access to the slides and videos etc you need to register on

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Escape from Prague – Good to go for TEC

I went to Prague for a project intending to stay one week, but unfortunately I was delayed an additional week (volcanic ash cloud from Iceland – reread the news if you missed it). While Prague is a beautiful city and I met many wonderful people, the uncertainty of when I would be able to get home weighed heavily on me. I was worried about being separated from my family for weeks? months? More importantly ;) I was worried about getting back for The Experts Conference!

Well I have made good my escape! I am back home and will be heading to TEC! Hope to see you there!

BTW, Joe Zamora and I traded speaking slots (I was afraid I wasn’t going to arrive at TEC before Tuesday). No worries now, but we are keeping the schedule change. Joe will speak Monday after lunch and I will speak both Tue after lunch and then Wed at 8 AM.

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

FIM 2010 Technical Overview Published – short version

Microsoft has published a short version of the FIM Technical Overview whitepaper written by David Lundell (me), Brad Turner, Chris Calderon and Joe Zamora. The longer version will come out a bit later. Short version, long version makes me feel kind of like I am figure skating in the Olympics. Thank you to Brjann Brekkan, Mark Wahl, Joe Schulman, Darryl Russi, Jack Kabat and Andreas Kjellman for their support, editing, eluciations on blogs and encouragement on this paper.

Microsoft has also released the updated FIM documentation for RTM. Congrats to Dave Kreitler, Markus, Brad Benefield and the rest of the documentation team!

I love the capacity planning guide section as well as the section Expected State Detection (formerly Object State Detection, and also referred to as Existence Test, Detected Rules Entry, Detected Rules List).


Fellow FIM Bots, Fellow FIMers, Fellow FIMians, Fellow FIMsters! Enjoy!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

FIM Pitfall for old ILM hands

In the days of MIIS 2003 and ILM 2007 we usually wrote our provisioning code to provision a new AD account only when the particular metaverse object didn’t already have any connectors in the AD connector space. With FIM your outbound synchronization rule is quite happy to provision another AD account if the existing one it is joined to doesn’t meet the relationship criteria. So I have usually been in the habit of not worrying about extraneous provisioning if I already had an account connected to that metaverse object.

Well a few days ago I learned that old habits die hard. Fortunately, only 7 duplicate accounts were created and only in the connector space as pending exports of type add. So they were easily dealt with. Nonetheless, it just reminded me that when technology changes sometimes your old instincts can betray you.

One another note: in writing this post I felt a bit like my friend and former co-worker, Craig Martin, who in is very humorous TEC speaker BIO wrote:

Craig Martin speaks in the third person when writing his own brief biography … spending countless hours weeding out issues in his lab environments learning CLM lessons the hard way in order to beat his chest in triumph and share his scars as lessons in a self-deprecating manner.

Man what a crack up. Of course his bio shows up right after mine on the speakers bio page! Gosh don’t I feel a bit pompous with the contrast as I list off all of my accomplishments dating back to grade school. Oh, I forgot to mention in my bio that I won 1st place in the Gilroy Unified School District Math Contest when I was in 4th grade! That treasured trophy was kept in a cardboard box for many years until one day my then six year old son asked if I ever earned any trophies – and it has endured several repair jobs since my son got his hands on it. Well I suppose, I just wanted to let people know that I have some cool things to share this TEC and hope you come along to hear them

I also encourage everyone to attend Craig’s session (hopefully he won’t lose his voice this year), of course if you attend Brad Turner’s session right beforehand you won’t even have to change rooms!

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Register for TEC 2010 – hope to see you there


Register using this code to get a discount: ATESENSYNC

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TEC 2010 – Speaking and Sponsoring

I am super excited about speaking at The Experts Conference 2010 (I also spoke at Directory Experts in ‘07, and ‘08 as well as last year’s The Experts Conference). banner-im-speakingsponsor-ensynch

Register using this code to get a discount: ATESENSYNC

Once more Ensynch is sponsoring TEC but this year we are a gold sponsor for TEC 2010.

Here is the lineup of Ensynch Speakers at The Experts Conference (also see Brad Turner’s take on our new speakers)

Track Speaker Picture Topic Date
Exchange – Pre conference workshop Justin Hiedeman speaker-justin Exchange 2010 Migration to Microsoft Exchange Online: Hands-on Workshop Sunday April 25th
Directory & Identity David Lundell speaker_lundell

FIM 2010 Performance Tuning (SQL and more)

Monday April 26th 1:00 pm
Directory & Identity Brad Turner speaker_turner Using DFS and GPO in ILM High Availability Scenarios Monday April 26th 2:15 pm
Directory & Identity and SharePoint Chris Calderon   and Jeff Holliday Jeffspeaker_holliday

Federated SSO Solutions Using SharePoint 2010

Tuesday April 27th
9:45 am
Directory & Identity David Lundell speaker_lundell

Proper Care and Feeding of Your Databases: FIM, ILM, CLM, RMS, SharePoint and OCS

Tuesday April 27th 1:30 pm
Directory & Identity Joe Zamora speaker-zamora Custom Workflow Development in FIM 2010 Wednesday April 28th
8:00 am
Directory & Identity Brad Turner speaker_turner

Practical Converged Physical and Logical Access Control

Wednesday April 28th
9:45 am


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